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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

Jun 29, 2018 / Category : Inspiration

Ria is a girl who loves travelling and she says this is the biggest reason why she works. She saves money to travel, no let me put it more aptly- she earns money to travel. She travels with her friends, family and colleagues.

The other day she had planned a trip to Goa but none of her friends had time to come along. She thought to herself, "I deeply desire to visit but how can I go alone." A little voice from inside said, "Yes, let's go alone. How does it matter? It will be an experience."

Another strong voice said, "No, it is not safe to travel alone! It will be boring. Who will click your pictures? Who will you talk to?

After thinking and rethinking Ria whispered to that strong inner voice, "Calm down". I will travel solo this time. It sounds exciting! I promise I will be careful about things to ensure my safety.

Some of the reasons why you should travel solo sometimes are :

Spend quality time with yourself

In our busy life where we are running at a fast pace to achieve our goals we hardly get time to think deeply about ourselves, about we want from life, what gives us happiness etc. While travelling solo you can enough time and the right environment to think about yourself and enjoy your company.

Pursue your interests

When you travel solo you are the only decision maker. So indulge in your things you like, explore what interests you at your own pace and just enjoy. While when you are in a group, you like it or not, but you have to travel to places you have no interest in.

Battle your fear

Fear is one of the major factors which hold people back from travelling solo. One needs to be careful while travelling alone but that doesn’t mean you give up on your desire to travel to places alone. Overcome this fear. Someone has aptly said that everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Become friends with new people

When you are travelling solo you are open to interacting with new people and find travel friends. Meeting new people, knowing new things make you grow as an individual.

Embrace unfamiliarity

When we travel solo we get a chance to embrace unfamiliar things just the way kids do. We learn to be comfortable with things which are not-so-familiar to us.

Enjoy a sense of freedom and independence

While travelling solo you learn to figure out things on your own like using maps, public transport etc. There is no dependency on anyone and you do things exactly the way you want to. It also builds confidence.

Discover a new you

There is so much to experience, learn and explore while travelling solo. You sometimes get to discover your talents, your potential, and your strengths which you never knew before.

So pack your bags and go on a solo trip brushing aside your inhibitions. Travelling solo doesn’t mean being alone.

I am ready for this new exploration of not only a place but myself! Are you?

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