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Places For Survival When The World Comes To An End

Places for Survival When The World Comes to An End

Jun 29, 2018 / Category : destination

Do you guysthinkthat you are prepared for the Doomsday? Have you thought of any survival plan toovercome it? Every now and then we hear things that very soon the world will come to an end. The possible reasonscould be anything ranging from global warming to nuclear war, natural apocalypse to asteroid collision with earth, engineered disease to the zombie attack, etc. People from all over the world are exploring the places to hide at the time of the catastrophe. Further, we will discuss some of the bestplaces for survival if the world comes to an end.

The Greenbrier, West Virginia

It is a site of enormous underground bunkers that was originally made to serve as an emergency shelter for US Congress during the Cold War. It is spread over 11,000 acres and built 720 feet inside the hillside. The property has three outdoor entrances and one secret entrance inside with a 25-ton blast door. It includes guest rooms, restaurants, lounges and many retail shops. Apart from all the luxurious facilities, it is one of the safest places to take a refuge in case of the apocalypse or attacks.

Capitol Visitor Center, Washington

A three-level 580,000-square foot underground building on the east side of the Capitol building, Capitol Visitor Center is a perfect hideout when the doomsday arrives. After the 9/11 attacks, some technology amendments were made in the building's construction to make it more secure and protective. The Capitol Visitor Center has four bombproof skylights and a tunnel system, which is large enough for the vehicles to move around. It is considered as one of the safest buildings in the USA.

Vivos Survival Shelter, South Dakota

The Vivos Group has created a community of 575 large survival shelters on 9,000 acres in South Dakota. These shelters are made up of concrete and steel located deep below the surface that can protect you from every possible catastrophe. This community can accommodate a total of 5,000 people and can survive a 500,000-pound blast. Each bunker is available at a minimal cost of $25,000 with $1000 rent for the 99-year land lease. The Vivos Group is planning to include all the basic amenities and medical facilities within the community.

Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado

Cheyenne Mountain is a military complex and has been home to many government units, including U.S Space Command, NORAD, Federal Emergency Management (FEMA), Aerospace Defense Command (ADCOM), etc. The complex is built on 5 acres under 2,000 feet of granite and consists of 15 three-storey buildings. Within the tunnel, there are 25-ton blast doors that can withstand a blast wave. This compound can protect people from nuclear effects and chemical combat through its air-purifying system that can filter harmful gases and radioactive materials. It is a perfect dwelling place to survive any natural or artificial destruction.

Apocalypse Pods, China

Liu Qiyuan, a farmer and furniture maker, started building the survival pods back in 2012 when there were rumours about the arrival of doomsday. These apocalypse pods are believed to endure 1,000-foot waves and earthquakes, which is robust enough to sustain a major catastrophe. These pods can float on water, have oxygen tanks and seatbelts and can accommodate around 14 people. So, in the future, at the time of destruction, these pods can cometo your rescue.

No one is sure if the doomsday will ever arrive or not. But if it does, you now know of the best places tolookout for the survival.

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