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Things to do in Singapore Visit Singapore

May 11, 2022 / Category : destination

Singapore is one of the most amazing destinations in the world when it comes to travelling with family or friends. This beautiful place has so much to offer to tourists from across the globe that they can spend a minimum of 7 days for a vacation here.

Since the city is not too big, you can find something fantastic in every corner. This city is lively and has bustling town areas as well as soothing heartlands. From exploring nature to having fun at parties and enjoying thrilling adventures, it is always wise to visit Singapore for your vacation.

In this article, the readers will get to know about 15 wonderful places in Singapore. Make sure you take all the precautions while exploring the places and cover the top things to do in Singapore.

  • Universal Studios Singapore: Live all your childhood fantasies in Universal Studios Singapore. This Park is considered to be Southeast Asia’s best Hollywood movie theme park. There are 18 incredible theme rides that were built for this Singapore park. Every corner of this park features eye-pleasing attractions, fun-filled rides and huge entertainment for travelers and thrill-seekers. One must visit Sci-Fi City, featuring the adventurous TRANSFORMERS ride. It’s an incredible ride where people can fight the battle with evil forces in the most amazing 3D combat. Experience Ancient Egyptian history and know the mummies for real. Come face to face with the scarab beetles in total darkness while riding an indoor roller coaster. You can also feel the breeze while riding in the riverboat in Madagascar.

  • River Safari: If you have never experienced the beauty of forest submerged under the water, then River Safari in Singapore should be on your travel itinerary. Here, you will meet wild inhabitants and enjoy a thrilling boat ride as it’s the main attraction of the River Safari. There are fixed slots to explore one of the largest freshwater aquariums in the world so make sure to plan your day accordingly. Amazing Amazonia at River Safari allows you to get closer to marine species and feed them as well. Lastly, the famous show called "Once Upon a River" shows you some of the interesting facts that include explaining the relationship between animals and the aquatic environment. Don’t miss any of the attractions in the River Safari.

  • Lau Pa Sat: The place that serves ancient historic values, scrumptious local dining options and striking architectural views, all at one place. This market is also known as Telok Ayer Market, which was built in the 19th century, serving the image of the local landscape with its magnificent presence. Now, this market is converted into a hawker center where tourists visit to savor the best of local cuisine. From a cold beer to Hainanese Chicken rice and traditional Singapore cuisines, get ready to be spoiled with lip-smashing food choices. There is no entry fee to visit Lau Pa Sat, but you may find a rush during weekends in the restaurants here.

  • Fort Canning Park: If you love to learn the history of the place you are touring then visiting the most historic landmark should be your top priority. Fort Canning Park brings the experience of the historic landmark, which has witnessed Singapore’s golden age. This transformation from being an ordinary fishing village to the thrilling trading hub in the 19th century is mind-blowing. During that period, the Island was ruled by the Malay King. If you visit the fort, you will come to know what happened with Singapore during World War II and how the Britishers agreed to surrender Singapore to the Japanese and many other interesting facts. Now, this fort is operated for arranging picnics, wedding parties, gatherings, theatre shows and festivals. Pay your visit to enjoy the serenity of the fort, formerly enjoyed by the Malay Royals of yore.

  • Suntec City Mall: For the shopaholics, vacation is incomplete without shopping, right? To satiate the hunger for shopping, this Suntec City Malls brings you the fantastic pleasure of shopping. So, shop until you drop. This is one of the most famous shopping complexes in Singapore having a mall, conference center, exhibition, movie theatres as well as office tower blocks. Try your hands at over 600 shops, spreading over the entire mall and have a feast at some delicious food places. Don’t miss the world’s largest fountain built in 1998, listed by the Guinness Book of Records. Also, this magnificent Fountain of Wealth is a landmark of this mall worth seeing. Health, beauty, sports, lifestyle, toys, gaming zones and jewelry stores, everything is offered here.

  • Singapore Zoo: Who doesn’t love a Zoo? Whether you are a solo traveler, travelling with a partner or with the whole family, the zoo is the most visited destination, when it comes to vacationing. Singapore’s zoo is not an ordinary zoo, it is one of the cleanest and most beautiful zoos. Amazingly, you can explore the zoo and see the animals happily moving in open spaces. Thus, you won’t find animals being caged. Have a relaxing and calming day here while admiring the life of different animal species. Let your child learn about the animals and their behavior by joining the programs offering interactive displays.

  • Night Safari at Singapore Zoo: Once you are done with the Singapore Zoo, your next attraction would be the Night safari. This safari opens at 5:30 pm after the zoo is closed. Pick the complimentary guided tram at the beginning of the park tour and view animals on your way. Don’t get overwhelmed by looking at the long queue for the tram, it does move fast and you will hop on a ride in a couple of minutes. The ride is for 40 minutes and gives you information about the seven geographical zones of the world. Once the tram ride gets over, enjoy the show called Creatures of the Night at 8:30 pm. The arrangements for drinks and food are available at the park, giving you a fun-filled package.

  • Merlion Park: Another must-see attraction in Singapore is Merlion Park. Let’s read all about it. Firstly, it’s open round the clock and has no entry fee. The famous iconic statue attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. This statue is the blend of two animals: lion (the head) and fish (the body). Here, you can get the sights of the city. Enjoy the evening there around 5 pm, click some beautiful pictures for your memories. Spend some time there to witness how the places nearby look breathtaking. Watch the river, bustling nightlife while enjoying the time at a gourmet café.

  • Singapore Flyer: Singapore Flyer is located on Raffles Avenue, showcasing the mesmerizing views of the city along with the surrounding islands of Indonesia and Malaysia. The 165 meters giant ferries wheel is a mixture of urban architecture and engineering, offering the leisure of savoring iconic Singapore Sling in a special themed capsule. It’s advisable to reap the full advantage of a ferries wheel visit during dusk. Enjoy 30 minutes of spinning on the Singapore flyer and treat your eyes to the most iconic landmarks of Singapore like Marina Bay, Singapore River, Raffles Place, Merlion Park. About its history, this go-to attraction took 2.5 years to complete and was designed by the world-renowned architect Dr Kisho Kurokawa of Japan. Since the design and incredible engineering, tourists hardly face any vibrations on the wheel, even when the wind speed is high.

  • National Museum of Singapore: Wondering where to head to know the rich history and culture of Singapore and Asia? When in Singapore, the only oldest and largest museum to visit in the city is the National Museum of Singapore. Earlier it was known by the name of Raffles Library and Museum. It is stretched approximately 18,40 and has been the prominent national monument which was renovated from neoclassical building to modern architectural designs. Get the best dose of the intriguing saga of the nation by exploring as many museum galleries as possible. Since it’s very big, decide before which gallery tour you would like to book. Lastly, try a gift shop to buy souvenirs and cafes after your trip to museum galleries.

  • Kusu Island: On the south coast of Singapore, there is a Kusu Island of about 5.6kms, which is also known as Tortoise Island. There are many stories about this island, which mostly includes the friendship of a Malay man, a Chinese man and a giant tortoise. Tourists will find the Chinese and a Malay Shrine, two sacred temples here. It’s a beautiful island, where you will find temples, a tortoise sanctuary, a wishing well and lots of natural beauty. Take a ferry from Marina South Pier. Swimming and snorkeling are the highlights of this island so make sure you carry all your water activity gear with you.

  • Sentosa Island: This island is famous for multiple things. You will find so many things to do and see; all in one place. From iconic Universal Studios to Sentosa beaches, from adventurous waterparks to large golf parks, spend the best time of your vacation here. In addition to this, there are two must-try activities, which are Sentosa skyline Luge and Skyride. One is an open-air-cable-driven chairlift, which takes tourists from point A to B and offers picturesque views of Singapore. The second activity is a self-driving car system, non-motorized, which has gears in the form of handles, allowing tourists to ride this 3-wheeler car safely. Also, at the end of the trip, find some fun-filled, candid pictures of your ride at the photo booth. These activities are open daily from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm.

  • Helix Bridge: Another must-visit attraction of Singapore is Helix Bridge, quite famous amongst the pedestrians. Moreover, it was once known as the Double Helix Bridge, connecting Marina Centre with Marina South. The world’s first double helix bridge- 280 meters long is an outstanding piece of exclusive architecture, attracting tourists. You will see people ravishing the scenic beauty of Singapore’s skyline from the bridge. When the bridge glows with the vibrant multi-colored LED lights during the dawn period, it's spectacular and heart-throbbing. Don’t miss its gleaming presence and various events happening in and around the bridge. When it comes to capturing the 360-degree views of the Marina, hop on the bridge, as it’s the perfect spot to take breathtaking views.

  • Vintage Camera Museum: Are you a camera lover? This museum is specially built for those who have a passion for cameras. Find the quite exclusive range of cameras here from ancient to modern. It’s in the Kampong Glam, known as the Singapore ethnic enclave. Experience the beauty of different cameras like walking stick cameras, handgun cameras, pigeon cameras, 3D cameras and whatnot. Don’t get overwhelmed looking at the range of cameras exhibited in the museum. Take a glimpse of old-school, vintage and conventional photography.

  • Singapore Botanical Garden National Orchid Garden: A beautiful destination to add to your itinerary is this iconic garden. The moment you enter this garden, be ready to witness things that will blow your heart and mind. From fountain sculptures to bedazzling blooms and picturesque landscape, feel the beauty of plants and know their historical facts. The garden was established in 1822 by Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of modern Singapore. However, the original garden got closed after his death and was again rebuilt in 1859. The 30-acres stretched garden has several attractions like a tropical rainforest, the ginger garden, Saraca Stream, Palm valleys and three lakes.

The aforementioned attractions are a must when touring Singapore. Apart from this, you can have the pleasure of having fun at the hottest party clubs. Also, don’t forget to have the experience of soaking in one of the Japanese Onsen while keeping your stress at bay. There are so many things to do in Singapore but don’t get overwhelmed while picking the best ones for your vacation.

To experience most of Singapore, you must have the right and pocket-friendly trip planning company. They will cater to your travelling needs. Whether you need to book cheap flights to Singapore, file a visa application or book a hotel and excursions. Leave all your travel worries behind with the support of the best vacation planning firm.

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