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The Potpowri of Delights !

Are you looking for a travel experience which can fire your imagination? Look no further. Grab a flight to Auckland and get ready for an exceptional escape. Explore the wonders of this island city and you will be left enchanted to the hilt. Wherever you go in this beautiful land you will come back with experiences to be cherished for long. It is one of the most mesmerizing cities of New Zealand, the island country, where travelers come in great numbers from across the globe. It takes pride in its pristine natural beauty, unfathomable wilderness amidst its rainforest, breathtaking hills, and peaks, arresting water bodies, world-class shopping centers, galleries, restaurants, kicking outdoor experiences and the list goes on...The more you explore Auckland, the more you will fall in love with it! No matter whether you are a leisure traveler, a history buff or an adventure aficionado, Auckland has something to offer to every kind of traveler.

Interesting Facts About Auckland

  • Auckland doesn’t have any poisonous or dangerous animals (except for an exception – Katipo spider).
  • It is the largest Polynesian city in the world.
  • It served as the capital of New Zealand for around 25 years.
  • It is aptly called the “City of Sails” because one in three Aucklanders possess a boat.
  • There are around 50 volcanoes surrounding Auckland.
  • It is home and a breeding ground to New Zealand Sea Lion, most endangered species of the five species of sea lions in the world.
  • The New Zealand people are internationally nicknamed as Kiwi. It is derived from the name of a native bird called Kiwi.

What to see in Auckland

Sky Tower

It is the highest tower of New Zealand towering to a height of 328 m. It is the most famous attraction of Auckland. It offers bird’s eye view of the entire city. You can experience thrill at its best on this tower as you can take a walk Sky Walk platform around the tower pergola. And if you want a bigger dose of adventure then you can base jump off the platform on a Sky Jump. Dining options are also available at the tower.

Waitemata Harbour

Slicing the city into two, Waitemata Harbour is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of the city.

War Memorial Museum

Located on the highest point in the city, the War memorial museum dates back to 1929 when it was built as a memorial in the honour of the soldiers of New Zealand who sacrificed their lives in World War I. Later it was transformed into a museum housing a rare collection of artefacts showcasing New Zealand history and heritage.

One Tree Hill

It is an 182 m high hill located in the middle of the gorgeous green Cornwall Park lined with flower beds and trees. The slopes of the hill have remnants of a Maori Pa (fortified village) dating back to the pre-European era. The hill also offers wonderful views of the city.

Auckland Art Gallery

Visit the Art Gallery to treat your eyes with a wide range of art collection of New Zealand. It is located in a magnificent French Renaissance-style structure built in 1887.


Whether you are on the west coast or East coast in Auckland you will find great beaches for relaxation and adventure activities. Maraetai Beach on the city’s eastern coast and Piha Beach on the western coast are very popular.

Lip smacking cuisine of Auckland

Auckland cuisine is majorly influenced by its local ingredients and seasonal variations. Aucklanders use fresh produce from the sea and the land. Today it is a perfect combination of Maori tradition, British style, and contemporary taste. Beer is the most famous alcoholic drink in Auckland. Although you can find various dishes from across the globe in Auckland but some of its own must try dishes are Tuatua dish which is made of indigenous New Zealand shellfish which you will hardly find anywhere else in the world. A combination of fish and chips is popular among inhabitants and travelers.

You must try Maori Hangi also. It is a combination of potatoes, pork, pumpkin and some other vegetables, cooked in the ground. Whitebait Fritter is another culinary delight of Auckland. Finding a place on the menu of almost every restaurant in Auckland, roast lamb is best enjoyed in this city. When it comes to desserts you must try Pavlova - a meringue-type dish topped with fresh fruits and cream. You can also choose from a variety of good ice-creams. It is a favorite of almost every Aucklander. You will also find some of the world’s finest cheese and wine here. Some of the best restaurants in Auckland are Coco’s Cantina, Grove and Depot.

How to get around in Auckland

While you are in Auckland you will find many ways of getting around in the city like a ferry, taxi, shuttle, train, bus or you can even rent a car. Bus Is the most commonly used transport in the city. But if you have to travel extensively then renting a car or hiring a taxi is the best choice.

Where to shop in Auckland

Shopping is a great experience in Auckland and it is one place where you can shop till you drop as here you will find many options. Visit the malls for popular international and local brands, browse fashion stores, explore local markets to buy some traditional and local things like crafts, jewelry, arts etc. Sylvia Park mall, Otara Flea Market, Queen Street and the Central City are the must-visit places for shopping. 

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