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Pyramids Of Giza

Marvelous Facts About Pyramids of Giza That Would Drive You Crazy

Jun 29, 2018 / Category : destination

Thinking what are the wonders of the ancient world? Well, not to mention, they are ancient pyramids at Giza. Undoubtedly, these incredible treasures captured imaginations of millions around the world. The way in which the pyramids are built certainly adds fuels to our speculation by leaps and bounds. Originally, they are burial chambers constructed in a primitive method and appear gigantic to the entire universe. Essentially, they are true masterpieces that deserve the title ‘Wonder’. Built between 2589 and 2504 BC, the architectural and engineering brilliance of the ‘Pyramids of Giza’ flabbergasted not only the commons but astronomers and scientists alike.

The large structures accompany several interesting facts that would certainly knock you down with feather. Believe it or not, the facts would drive you crazy!! Scroll down to know the crazier facts :

They Were Built To Stock Grain For A Colossal Famine : You would be surprised to hear that the great pyramids were designed to store grains for a large famine. This was claimed by a successful neurosurgeon and presidential candidate Ben Carson. Originally, they were storage structures, not tombs.

The Gigantic Pyramids Were Ancient Power Plants : The purpose of the Pyramid’s construction was beyond any technology. They were actually the huge power plants that utilized innovative sound frequencies that ensued from the earth’s inner depth to conduct sufficient amount of power. As per theorists, there were shafts in the structures which helped channel the frequencies up and pour into a sphere to spread light to the nearby villages. This technology truly deserves a salute!!

They Were The Navigational Beacon For The Celestial Voyagers : There are many absurd theories related to the construction of Pyramids. Theories claim that they were actually built for the alien beings so that they could navigate easily to and from our planet. Most importantly, Pyramids are a highly technological beacon that are truly far, far away from our imagination.

The Pyramids Are Gigantic Water Pumps : As per theorists, Pyramids are not burial chambers but are water pumps and it has been independently tested by some theorists. In the Pyramids, there appeared a tunnel connected to the Nile to facilitate its function.

There Lie A Fascinating Underground City Hidden Under The Pyramids : Explorers found that there lies a cave system beneath the gigantic structures of Giza. The caves are fairly narrow and do not allow much exploration.

Pyramids Were Constructed By Hybrid Giants Named Nephilim : If you are not familiar with Nephilim, they are the hybrid people stated in the Bible. As per belief, they were the children of some sort of fallen angels and men. They appeared different from Humans and scientists claim that Nephilims constructed the Pyramids of Giza.

Completely mysterious, the Pyramids of Giza features a different story. They are essentially a symbol of history and truly deserves a special mention. Hope the aforesaid facts about the gigantic structures rooted you to the spot. In a nutshell, Pyramids of Giza are marvelous wonders that make everyone fall head over heels for them.

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